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Overhead cranes, also known as bridge cranes is one type of material handling equipment to meet the lifting requirements of medium and heavy industries. Generally, an overhead crane is a crane with a lifting hoist traveling along the cane bridge between parallel runways.


Designed overhead crane project realizes your overhead crane expectation. The crane design services from Dongqi Crane is provided FOR FREE.

Designs of varous types of overhead cranes are provideded.Main types of overhead cranes are as following:

European single girder vs. double girder overhead crane with FEM wire rope hoist

European single  vs. double girder crane - Dongqi European hoist crane


博雅棋牌地址2019Lifting capacity: 5 ton-550ton,  Span: 10.5m-31.5m, Lifting height: 1m-30m, Working duty is medium (A5, A6). Also supply non-standard products according to your requirements.

  • 博雅棋牌客户端娱乐 5ton, 10ton, 16/3.2ton, 20/5ton, 32/5ton, 50/10ton, 75/20ton, 100/20ton, 125/32ton, 150/30ton, 160/32ton, 200/50ton, 250/50ton, 300/75ton, 350/80ton, 400/80ton, 450/100ton, 500/100ton, 550/100T
  • 博雅棋牌注册ios10.5M, 13.5M, 16.5M, 19.5M, 22.5M, 25.5M, 28.5M, 31.5M,
  • 博雅棋牌注册ios A5(Used in working not so frequency, such as general machining and assembly workshop). A6 (Used in much more frequency work, such as auxiliary hoisting in metallurgy and casting workshop). A7 (Used in busy working and the hoisting of melted hot metal).


  • Applied to materials handling between fixed span, and it's one of the most widely used crane with the largest number of varieties of different specifications.
  • Widely used in carrying, assemble and unassembled of general weights, and also can equipped with various special hoists for special operation.
  • Forbid to use in the conditions as easily combustible, explosive, corrosive (acid, alkali, plating, steam, etc.).


Working ambient -25℃~+40℃, moisture ≤85%, altitude below 1000 meters, power supply 380V, 50Hz, 3phases (Adjustable according to customer's different requirement).



Single girder overhead crane solves your material handling problem with single shot. Dongqi single girder overhead crane for sale good quality and price. Dongqi offers FEM underslung single girder overhead crane, Explosion proof single girder overhead crane, Electric hoist single girder overhead crane, Low Headroom single girder overhead crane, , Suspension single girder overhead crane for sale, etc.

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NLX European Style Underslung Crane博雅棋牌线路官网

NLX European Style Underslung Crane

European underslung crane is one of the most economical material handling equipment. Underslung crane can handle material from 1 to 20 tons for you!

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HD European Electric Hoist Overhead Crane博雅棋牌手机客户端

HD European Electric Hoist Overhead Crane

Electric hoist overhead crane is designed with European design and unbeatable advantages for sale now. Sturdy quality. Good price. One year quality assurance. Full set of after sales service.

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LDP Low Headroom Single Girder Overhead Crane博雅棋牌平台登录

LDP Low Headroom Single Girder Overhead Crane

They are designed for low height plant and factory, where the lifting room is limited but lifting height is high. The lifting capacity of the overhead crane is 1 to 32 tons whereas the lifting height is 6~20m.

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LX Traditional Single Girder Suspension Crane博雅棋牌ios登录

LX Traditional Single Girder Suspension Crane

The overhead crane is a small light lifting equipment, with the lifting capacity range from 1 to 10 tons, equipped with dual-speed electric hoist, which is widely used in the factory, warehouse, stockyard, etc.

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LD Traditional Overhead Hoist Crane Single Girder 博雅棋牌平台登录

LD Traditional Overhead Hoist Crane Single Girder

Cheap China traditional hoist crane single girder design 1-32 ton for sale. Types of single girder overhead hoist crane for sale, I beam hoist crane, monorail hoist crane, box girder hoist crane, wire rope hoist crane, and chain hoist crane, etc. Check cheap Chinese hoist crane now.It is a light small lift equipment with the capacity of 1to 32 tons, which is widely used in the factory, ware house, stockyard, etc.

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LB Explosion-proof Single Girder Overhead Crane博雅棋牌客户端娱乐

LB Explosion-proof Single Girder Overhead Crane

The single girder overhead crane is also designed for explosion proof environment. The lifting capacity is from 1 ton to 20 tons.

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Double girder overhead crane for sale: Up to 550 ton double girder overhead crane for sale good price. Types of double girder overhead cranes are available, such as, hook overhead crane, gab bucket overhead crane, electromagnetic overhead crane, soaking pit overhead crane, etc. Contact us to get your double girder overhead crane now.

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QE Double Trolley Overhead Crane博雅棋牌线路平台

QE Double Trolley Overhead Crane

The double trolley overhead crane is used to lift long and big loads with the capacity of ((2.5+2.5)~(200+200)t.

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QY Insulation Overhead Crane博雅棋牌官网下载

QY Insulation Overhead Crane

The overhead crane is used to handle electrolyse non-ferrous metals such as magnesium, aluminum. The lifting capacity is from 5 tons to 50 tons.

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QZ Grab Bucket Overhead Crane博雅棋牌二维码网址

QZ Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

The grab bucket overhead crane has the lifting capacity around 5 to 25 tons together with the weight of the grab bucket, which is widely used in power station, storage, workshop, and port to load and unload scattered objects.

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QD Electric winch crane double girder 博雅棋牌地址客户端

 QD Electric winch crane double girder

Winch crane for sale. China traditional double girder overhead crane with electric winch trolley for 5 t- 550 ton material handling, heavy duty, wide capacity, durable & affordable crane price. Check china electric winch crane now.

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QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane博雅棋牌ios登录

QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

The overhead crane is used in metallurgy factory or outdoor place to load and transport electromagnetic black metal materials, such as , steel ingot, merchant steel and pig iron, etc. The lift capacity is from 5 to 32 tons.

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QB Explosion Proof Double Girder Bridge Crane博雅棋牌手机客户端

QB Explosion Proof Double Girder Bridge Crane

The overhead bridge crane is designed for explosive gas atmospheres with explosion-proof electrical equipment. They can lift loads from 5 ton to 75 tons.

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LH Electric Hoist Double Girder Overhead Crane博雅棋牌客户端网址

LH Electric Hoist Double Girder Overhead Crane

The electric hoist double girder overhead crane can lift loads from 5 to 63 ton, which is widely used in machinery fabrication, metallurgical plant auxiliary workshop, storage, stock ground, and power station, textile industry and food industry.

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QDY Ladle overhead crane博雅棋牌地址2019

QDY Ladle overhead crane

They are widely used in the smelting industry to convey, pour and charge the liquid hot metal in the process of smelting. Ladle crane is designed for 5-74 ton liquid metal, 5 ton up to 320 ton ladle handling. High safety overhead ladle handling crane with most cost-effective price is here. Dongqi overhead crane and eot crane for sale.

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European Double Girder Overhead Crane博雅棋牌在线首页

European Double Girder Overhead Crane

European double girder overhead crane for 5 – 80 ton material handling. The overhead cranes realize all your expectation to material handling. Bet you want it!

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Electrolytic Aluminum Crane博雅棋牌线路平台

Electrolytic Aluminum Crane

Electrolytic aluminum crane is designed for material handling in aluminum plant. The high safety electrolytic aluminum crane is multifunctional, ensuring your material handling efficiency.

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Monorail system博雅棋牌地址客户端

Monorail system

Monorail crane systems includes monorail crane and monorail hoists for your easy, economical and efficient material handling. Dongqi offers CE monorail overhead crane and electric hoist for your selection.

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Single gider overhead crane v.s. Double girder overhead crane

Single girder overhead crane v.s. Double girder overhead crane


An overhead bridge crane can be configured in a single girder overhead crane or double girder overhead crane design. In simple terms, a bridge girder, or beam, is the support structure that allows the trolley and hoist to move from side-to-side along the bridge. The trolley is used to precisely position the hoist prior to raising or lowering a load.

To a degree, both single and double girder cranes are equal in strength and durability. Single girder bridge cranes distinct itself from double girder bridge configuration mainly in terms of hook height, which is height your electric hoist can lift above the ground.

Due to the placement of electric hoist, the double girder crane offers more hook height, which is installed on the top of double girders rather than hung under the single girder.


A single girder bridge crane is usually designed for the lifts under 20 tons, span less than 31.5m, or the requirement for crane services classification is under A7 and A8.

Single girder overhead crane - Overhead crane types of Dongqi

Single girder overhead crane - Overhead crane types of Dongqi

The overhead bridge consists of one girder beam supported on each side by an end truck. The electric trolley and hoist commonly run on the bottom flange of the bridge, often called single girder underhung overhead crane. The single girder underhung crane is less expensive because of the following reasons:

  • Only one beam girder is needed to move the trolley and hoist
  • Lower cost in freight.
  • Easy installation
  • Hoist and trolley design is easier than those of double girder overhead crane.


When the lifts is more than 20 ton or the span is more than 31.5m, or the crane duty cycle is A7 and A8, the double girder overhead crane will be the first choice.

Double girder overhead crane - Overhead crane types of Dongqi

Double girder overhead crane - Overhead crane types of Dongqi

Two girder beams makes up the bridge, supported by an end truck or carriage on each side, with the electric trolley and hoist running on the rails, installed on the top of both bridge girders.

  • Double girder cranes are recommended for heavier-duty applications, where lifts is more than 20 ton or the span is more than 31.5m, or the crane duty cycle is A7 and A8.
  • Double girder crane is selected when crane needs to be custom designed, in terms of walk ways, driver’s cabs, magnet cable reels, and others.
  • What more, double girder crane offers more lifting height with the top running design.



What a top running crane or under running crane is should be understand when you want to know the clear differences between bridge cranes.

  • On a top running crane, the beam bridge runs on rails along the top of the runway beams.
  • On an under running crane, or underhung crane, the beam bridges are supported by the bottom of the runway beams and the crane wheels run along the bottom of the lower beam flange.



Top running crane is very flexible and versatile, which can be used to handle lifts with small and large capacity.

Top running crane - Type of overhead crane

Top running crane - Type of overhead crane

With no limiting capacity, the top running crane can be used to handle lifts with small capacities to very large capacities. Top running cranes consist a rail installed on top of each runway, with wheels move on the rail, rather than on the bottom flange of the runway beam. Supported by the building structure or runway support columns, or sister columns, top running overhead crane are the first option for moving extremely heavy loads.


Under running crane, also called under hung cranes, are used for lighter service and lower capacity applications, usually supported by ceiling or roof structures.

Under running or under hung crane - Overhead crane type

Under running or under hung crane - Overhead crane type

Due to the crane wheels are supported by the bottom flange of the overhead crane runway beams, functioned as the crane rail, the under running crane is also called under hung cranes. This type of overhead cranes can maximize the utilization of the floor space of your facility, because under running cranes are supported by the ceiling trusses or the roof structure.

With the utilization of an existing support structure (if adequate), or run on a newly-engineered support structure, the under running cranes may lower the cost of crane.


  • Designed for lighter service / lower capacity applications
  • Maximize utilization of the building’s width and height when supported by roof or ceiling structures
  • Hook height is less than top running design because the bridge of overhead crane and electric hoist hang underneath runways



Workstation cranes are designed for transferring with limited effort in a smaller size work area. Workstation cranes are lighter-duty systems for lifts from 0.25 ton up to 2 tons in capacity, in a repetitive way to lift and position loads, to improve working productivity and ease of work flow.

Workstation cranes can use modular design to build and install, offering high flexibility without requiring an existing supporting structure for installation.

workstation crane - A type of overhead crane of Dongqi Crane

Workstation crane - A type of overhead crane of Dongqi Crane


Do you have a better understanding on what the best type of overhead crane for your application is. Maybe you will realize a workstation crane or monorail crane is needed for your specific lifting requirements instead of a full overhead crane installation. Maybe you need additional fabrication or engineering to have an overhead crane installed in the existing building structure. No matter what the situation is, you have to consider the following factors when selecting from the different types of overhead cranes:

  • Crane capacity and Hoist capacity
  • Span length
  • Hook Height
  • Crane duty class: Number of lifts per hour, Percent of lifts near or at capacity
  • Structural building conditions: Existing runways / support structure in place
  • Operating conditions
  • Other special considerations
  • Number of cranes required

All the ovehread crane can be customized according the required crane lifting capacity, working application, loading duty, and the other specific requirements. More on What is the right type of overhead crane for your application?

Dongqi Crane is capable of design complex crane projects from 0.5 ton-500 ton outdoor gantry cranes, jib cranes and container cranes to 0.5 ton-500 ton indoor lifting systems for various industries. Dongqi Crane is capable and qualified to provide crane design for light duty overhead crane with capacity such as, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton, 20 ton, and heavy duty overhead crane designes up to 600 tons, etc.

Overhead crane project design services from Dongqi Crane- your overhead crane manufacturer and crane services provider - lowers your overhead crane price. Please send your overhead crane inquiry and then decided which crane supplier to selection. Because Dongqi Crane  belive that our overhead crane will standing out after the comparison of overhead crane quotationsBuy overhead crane from Dongqi Crane will be a desicion that you will never regret. 


Overhead crane video

Dongqi industrial overhead cranes have be used in various industries, such as steel industris, please learn more about Dongqi industrial overhead cranes.For the various types of overhead cranes, how to select the right overhead crane for your applicaiton, please leave a message below, and Dongqi Crane will help you to find the most suitable overhead crane for your workshop, warehouse, and other factories or plants, etc.

Steel mill crane are custom designed overhead crane for material handling in steel mill and factory. Dongqi offers complete steel mill cranes services, including tundish crane, slab crane, scrap crane, ladle crane, billet crane, coil and plate handling crane, etc. Check Dongqi steel mill cranes now.
Overhead crane for foundry application. 20 ton to 600 ton foundry crane with double girder design improves your efficiency and safety. As foundry crane manufacturer and supplier, Dongqi is able to provide custom foundry crane for your steel plant. Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane - foundry crane now.
Industrial crane for precise and efficient material handling for rubber and plastic industries. Dongqi industrial cranes and industrial electric hoists for sale at good price. Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane for rubber and plastics industries now.
Industrial crane for cement, glass, bricks, concrete handling. Dongqi industrial cranes offers cost-effective material handling for Cement works/production of lime and gypsum, Precast concrete parts, Glass industry, etc. Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane for cement, glass and bricks and concrete industries now.
Marble lifting machines for sale. Types of Marble lifting machines such as overhead crane and gantry crane with lifting capacity up to 550 ton are available. Marble lifting machines for indoor and outdoor marble handling for sale with high efficiency, precision, safety, low noisy, etc. Which marble lifting machines do you need? Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane formarble, stone and griottenow.
Coker crane for petrochemical industry. Types of coker cranes are available. 5 ton to 25 ton coker crane and 5 ton to 25 ton single gantry crane are at your selection. Get yourcoker crane for petrochemical industrywith good price.
Biomass crane for waste to energy industry and biomass industry for handling wastes, refuses, garbage, slag, sludge, straw bale, etc. Types of biomass cranes are available, such as, automatic waste handling cranes, slag handling crane, sludge handling crane, straw bale handling crane, biomass handling crane, etc. Checkbiomass crane for handling Waste, Slag, Sludge, Straw bale handlingnow.
Grab bucket crane for waste management. 5- 25 ton grab bucket cranes for waste handling from Dongqi Hoist and Crane ensures your efficiency, safety, and reliability. Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane - the grab bucket cranes now.
Log crane for log handling and processing. Log crane of Dongqi Hoist and Crane is widely used for forestry and wood related industries for log handling. Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane -grab bucket cranes for wastes managementthe log crane now.
Overhead crane and hoisting equipment for entertainment industries get you high. Types of overhead cane and hoisting equipment can be used in studios, stages, aquariums, and theme parts, etc. How do overhead crane and hoisting equipment help entertainment industries? Check overhead crane forenterainment industrynow.
Types of crane and hoists for material handling in gas and petroleum industries with the high safety and stability. Types of cranes and hoists with portable features saves your cost for material handling. Check overhead crane forgas and petroleum industriesnow.
Crane lifting crane for wind energy for high safety and efficiency material handling. Lifting crane for installation, maintenance of the wind power generators. Lifting crane for wind energy Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane forwind energy, Crane lifting crane for safety lifting in wind energynow.
Crane services forelectric energy industry. Dongqi industrial crane and crane services for energy industries saves your cost and improves your efficiency and safety. Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane - the crane services and industrial crane now. Service cranes at your selection.
Ladle crane for sale. Overhead ladle crane is a type of high temperature crane for steel industry. Dongqi ladle overhead crane series is designed with high safety with heavy duty, ensuring your ladle crane safety and efficiency. More on overhead cranes forhigh temperature environment metallurgical industry
For automotive industries, the hoist and cranes are used for car handling. Dongqi hoist and crane is widely used for car handling. Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane - the hoist and crane from the Chinese crane company now. Check overhead crane forautomotive industries.
Sanitary crane and clean crane for food handling. Food processing equipment- Sanitary crane and clean crane - Food processing equipment- Sanitary crane and clean crane- from Dongqi Hoist and Crane helps you make yummy food with efficiency, sanitary and safety. Dongqi sanitary crane and clean crane for sale.In the food manufacturing, hygiene is strictly required. In order to avoid food contaminated with foreign matter, hoists and other mechanical equipment tend to be avoided in the food manufacturing. Check overhead crane forfood processing equipment- Sanitary crane and clean crane.
Process crane for paper mill material handling. Dongqi paper handling crane for material handling in paper industries. With special designed tools, the process crane handles your scrolls with efficiency, sanitary and tender, keep your paper product from any harm. Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane for paper industry - Overhead process crane handles paper products, with tender, sanitary, and efficiency
Shipyard crane and shipbuilding crane is for material handling in shipyard during ship building. With the shipyard crane, the efficiency and safety of shipbuilding can be guaranteed. Launch you ships with Dongqi shipyard crane and shipbuilding crane. Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane -shipbuilding industry shipbuilding cranenow.
Material handling crane is widely used to help construction for efficient material handling. How to improve your material handling efficiency and safety? Check Dongqi industrial overhead crane for construction and civil engieering now.
Mining crane designed for efficient material handing in Mining industries to compact harsh environment to ensure safety to prevent crane accidents. Dongqi Mining Cranes lift and guard you! Mining cranes life your loads and guard your safety



Committed to be a dynamic and more influential force in the global lifting equipment market, DQCRANES has developed a supply chain which can delivery our cranes globally, and so far, we have served customers in about 85 countries, such as, South Africa, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Pakistan, Australia, United States, Thailand, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Egypt, India, Brazil, Sweden, and Taiwan, etc.

Overhead crane project cases in different industries and countries are studied. Learn the overhead crane project case studies and find the ideal material handling solution for your application.

Overhead crane services博雅棋牌二维码首页

Dongqi Crane can provide overall overhead crane services for all types of industries overhead cranes, and the main services are as follow:

crane design 博雅棋牌注册ios
Overhead cranes designed by DQCRANES will solve any of your overhead crane problems and material handling problems without spending any unnecessary expenditures. More on overhead crane design.
crane installation 博雅棋牌线路地址
EASAY overhead crane installation, wonderful working performance. DQCRANES can provide on-site overhead crane installation services and our crane engineers will be at your services when necessary.
lifetime maintenance 博雅棋牌在线首页
Overhead crane maintenance from DQCRANES ensures your crane safety and working efficiency.
crane operator training 博雅棋牌官网下载
DQCRANES training includes overhead crane operation, maintenance and inspection, and crane spare parts, etc.
technical support 博雅棋牌线路地址
The powerful technical support of DQCRANES will solve your overhead crane technical problems.
crane parts 博雅棋牌平台登录
Dongqi overhead crane parts will renew your cranes.


Answer: PLC is the abbreviation of programmable logic controller. Its basic structure are composed of power, CPU, memory, input/output interface circuit, function module and communication module. PLC can change the form of relay-contacts control, and can make it adjustable for electric motors' speed of every file, acceleration time and braking time according to practical conditions. PLC functions include calculating, controlling, programming, communicating, diagnosing, processing. Because PLC has various advantages and can make heavy duty overhead cranes more safety and convenient, Dongqi Enterprise apply PLC in overhead crane system. Its advantages are following. 1. Convenient use, simple program 2. Strong function, highly cost-effective 3. Complete hardware, convenient use for customers, strong adaptability 4. High reliability, strong anti-interference capability 5. Little work for system's design, installation and test 6. Little work for maintenance and convenient maintenance.
Answer: Electric hoist overhead crane mainly includes lifting mechanism, travelling mechanism (trolley travelling mechanism and overhead crane travelling mechanism) and rotating mechanism. First is lifting mechanism, it refers to electric hoist. It is composed of driving device (electric motor), braking device (brake), transmission device (reducer) and fetching rotating device (hook, grab, magnetic disc, and wire rope, chain, trolley, drum, sprocket and rope-guiding device). Second is horizontal travelling mechanism, it is trolley travelling mechanism. Travelling trolley is composed of electric motor, braking device (brake), transmission device (reducer) and trolley wheel device. Third is vertical travelling mechanism, it is overhead crane travelling mechanism. This mechanism includes driving mechanism (electric motor), braking device (brake), and transmission device (reducer) and overhead crane wheel device. The advantage of electric hoist overhead crane is that it adopts three-in-one driving device. It combines driving device (electric motor), braking device (brake) and transmission device (reducer) together. It is a compact and light driving device without shaft.
Answer: First is through flexible cable. The power of the lifting overhead crane is supplied by AC power system. Because the work of the overhead cranes is movable, the overhead crane and the power can't be connected in fixed way. In general, the flexible cable is used to supply the power. When the overhead crane system and the trolley move on the tack, flexible cable can stretch and roll along the track. Second is through slide wire and electric brush. Three phase AC power is transported into cabin's protection box through three main slide wires and electric brush, then transported to overhead crane system's motor, electromagnet and AC control station through wire way. Third is through auxiliary slide wire and electric brush. This refers to the power supply of magnetic brake, trolley's hoisting mechanism and trolley's motor.
Answer: The reason is that electric brush climbs in the conductor, the brush wears seriously, conductor joint is not smooth, single connector is used, rail joint becomes loose. The correct way is to check whether the brush wears seriously, change electric brush, adjust the connecting joint, and adopt double-brush connector.
Answer: The main reason is the temperature is too high, the distance between lifting racks is too long or loose. It is useful to adopt anti-heat plate partially, add sun shield outdoors, increase the number of trolley line lifting racks, correct the conductor and screw down the screws.
Answer: The reason is that fork can't absorb the transmission error, guiding-rail has poor straightness, and lifting rack is loose. The right way is to modify tractor, adjust the straightness of guiding-rail, and tighten the screw mounts.
Answer: Overhead crane working speed includes lifting speed, trolley travelling speed, overhead crane travelling speed. Working speed is influenced by many factors.

First, it is related to the weight. The overhead crane with small and medium lifting can adopt high speed to improve efficiency, the overhead crane with heavy lifting is suitable to choose low speed to reduce driving-power and improve travelling stability and safety.

Working speed is also related to working class and working requirement. The overhead crane with high class, frequent use and high efficiency can adopt fast speed, working mechanism with low class and adjusting purpose can adopt low speed. The overhead crane only used for equipment installation and maintenance can choose low speed.

According to practical needs, it can also adopt double speed (high and low speed), dead speed or adjustable speed. What's more, working speed is also related to working room. The overhead crane with long travelling distance, high lifting height is suitable for high speed. The overhead crane with short travelling distance is not suitable for high speed. With development of industry, the overhead crane with much transporting work mostly adopts high speed.

The overhead crane used for installation and maintenance adopts adjustable speed. For some overhead cranes with special functions, such as the overhead crane for quench, should has fast-down device, for overhead crane with high lifting height, it should improve lifting speed, adopt low speed for heavy material, high speed for no-load, or high down-speed to increase efficiency.

Answer: The reasons are as following: the leverage hinge is stuck, braking-wheel and friction plate have oil pollution, electromagnetic core doesn't have enough travelling distance, braking-wheel and friction wheel are wearied seriously, main spring is loose and damaged, locking-nut and tie rod are loose. Make lubrication and exclude stuck fault, clean the oil pollution, adjust the brake, change the friction plate, change the main spring and locking-nut, tight the locking-nut, check the impeller driving mechanism.
Answer: The braking-shoe is loose, it doesn't break off the braking-wheel totally, and causes friction. The gap between two braking-shoe and braking-wheel is not even, or the gap is too narrow. The assistant-spring of short distance brake damages or bends, the braking-wheel surface is very tough. What to do is to adjust the gap, change or maintain the assistant-spring, processes the braking-wheel surface. The reducer has uneven tapping and the machine cover vibrates when the reducer and gears mesh. Just change the gears.
Answer: Three kinds of buffers are used widely, spring buffer, rubber buffer and hydraulic buffer. Spring buffer is reliable and convenient to maintain. Rubber buffer has simple structure. Hydraulic buffer can absorb large hitting energy and has no rebound effect. When limiting stopper of travelling extreme position or brake is in trouble, due to the inertia, the overhead crane system moving in the end or the trolley on the main girder, will hit against the stopper set in the position. But overhead crane buffer can absorb the travelling energy of overhead crane system or trolley and reduce impulsion. Buffers should be set between the bridge overhead cranestravelling on the same track, or between the double trolleys on the same girder.
Answer: It mainly includes laser type, ultrasonic type, infrared type, electromagnetic type, all use the principle that light or radio wave travels, reflects and the distance can be measured. When two overhead cranes travels to pointed position, the overhead crane mechanism rings alarm bell and gives the stop command at the same time.
It includes wire-rope type, cam type, chain wheel type and skew indicator and other automatic adjustable devices. When the bridge frame deflects to some degree, it can give signal to the operator and adjust itself automatically. When the overhead crane frame deflects seriously, it can cut the power automatically, stop the travelling mechanism and protect the safety.
Answer: Safe hook is an important part of bridge overhead crane. What are functions and types of safe hook?
Safety hook is mainly used for single girder overhead crane. Lifting material at one side of main girder, the material has a tilting torque against trolley, anti-tilting torque from vertical gauge wheel or horizontal gauge wheel can keep the trolley balance. But this kind of way can't ensure the safety under the condition of cyclone, outside impact, wheel broken, maintenance and repair. Thus this overhead crane should be installed with safe hook. According to trolley and wheel, safe hook has different structures.
Answer: The inspection of the overhead crane safe hook is necessary. When the trolley travels along the main girder, there is no stuck between safe hook and rail or main girder web. Web has no weariness. The gap between safe hook and rail should meet the design requirement. Bolt is tight and on the right location, weld is seal, safe hook has no damage, such as abnormal deformed. Function check is the basic method, just through visual inspection and test operation.
Answer: Lubrication is necessary for large overhead crane. Reasons to lubricate your overhead crane It can control friction, reduce weariness, down overhead crane temperature, avoid rust and form seal. These functions rely on each other and influence each other. If the friction can't be controlled, the weariness can/t be reduced, this will lead much friction heat and items high temperature, thus to damage the friction surface lubrication and lubricating material. How to lubricate your overhead crane?
 ome parts should be lubricated regularly, such as shafts, holes and friction surface with relative move. Due to different working condition, the lubricating points are different. For various kinds of overhead cranes and different lubricating parts, every lubrication should meet the standards and requirement of instructions. It is good for overhead crane to make regular lubrication and check. Lubricating with qualified oil can ensure the overhead crane work normally and avoid early weariness. Bad oil can lead mechanical accident, even damages equipment, influences safe producing. Lubrication plays an important role in overhead crane's maintenance. The lubricating oil can influence the effect directly.
Answer:Overhead crane or bridge crane is used to improve your working efficiency of your factory and warehouse. How to select the most suitable overhead crane for your application? Here are some questions for you to select your overhead crane:
  1. How long has the manufacture or provider of the overhead crane been in business?
  2. Do they have direct industry experience in providing overhead cranes for competitors?
  3. What types of overhead cranes they can offer?
  4. What’s their overhead crane manufacturing procedures and quality control process?
  5. Are their overhead crane ISO certificated? See our overhead crane certifications.
  6. Specify your overhead crane specifications, such as, lifting capacity, size, span, etc.
  7. How often your overhead crane will be used, once a week, once or twice a day, or constantly?
  8. How will the overhead crane move? (Up or down, left or right, forward or back?)
Answer: In order to win the international overhead crane market, DQCRANES exceeds itself in providing superior quapty overhead cranes and overhead crane services. DQCRANES is dedicated itself to win the smiles of you, our valuable customers around the world through its effort in the following aspects:

1. Customized overhead crane perfectly fits your apppcation environment.

Taking your building and working conditions and your pfting requirements into full consideration, the engineering team of DQCRANES will work out an overhead crane which will adapt your facipty ideally.

2. Types of quapty overhead cranes with various tonnages are available which can meet your pfting requirements.

Hot designs of Dongqi overhead crane
Double girder overhead crane, Single girder overhead crane, suspension overhead crane,
Manual suspension overhead crane, manual overhead crane, etc.
Most popular overhead crane tonnages
1 ton overhead crane, 2 ton overhead crane, 3 ton overhead crane, 5 ton overhead crane, 10 ton overhead crane, 20 ton overhead crane, 30 ton overhead crane

3. pfetime care is given to your overhead crane to maximize your overhead crane value.

DQCRANES cares your overhead crane through the whole working pfe and we provide overall crane services for your overhead crane safety. Dongqi overhead crane service includes: Overhead crane design, overhead crane installation, overhead crane operator training, overhead crane inspection,etc.

4. Competitive overhead crane price is the unbeatable advantage of DQCRANES.

On ensuring overhead crane quapty, DQCRANES i
s depcate to lowering the overhead crane price to lower your purchasing cost. (Read more about Secrets on Why Chinese Crane Machines Are so Cost-effective.).

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